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Julie's Book Review: Feather Stone

Julie's Book Review: Feather Stone: The Guardian's Wildchild, published by Omnific Publishing September 2011. Dystopian post apocalyptic, paranormal, murder my...

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The Romance Reviews Ezine Contest: GIVEAWAYS GALORE

TRR Ezine Contest - The Guardian's Wildchild

Sidney Davenport is the rule breaking member of the powerful Guardians. As a child she was continually late for her metaphysical lessons, used her telekinesis during meal time, and often challenged her physical abilities. As a teen, she and her brother dared to become involved with Badger, an underground agent. The results were disastrous.

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#Giveaways at Julies Book Review Halloween Event - #Paranormal

Welcome, fans of the #paranormal genre, 

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Halloween #Giveaway Spectacular

Perhaps you're thinking that beings who appear human can't be as evil as a blood sucking creature.
You'd be DEAD wrong.

The Guardian's Wildchild, published by Omnific Publishing September 2011.
Dystopian post apocalyptic, paranormal, murder mystery, romance all in one thrilling adventure aboard a naval ship on the Pacific Ocean.

Feather Stone is celebrating The Guardian's Wildchild publication anniversary. From now until October 25th, my ebook at will be on sale for 99 cents.

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Excerpt: US Naval captain, Sam Waterhouse is about to give a demonstration of his supernatural powers to his boss, the admiral - with disastrous results.

Sam began his meditation technique. Standing erect with his hands lifted slightly away from his sides, he created a faint rainbow-colored arch extending from one hand, over his head, and down into the opposite hand. In a few more seconds, the men heard the whine of the chopper’s engine. The chopper soon came into view as it hovered above the treetops.
The admiral looked back at the sun crystal on his desk. It showed not a glimmer, no rays of energy emitting from its facets as it had when Butchart had given his demonstration. It sat just like a paperweight, lifeless. As far as he could tell, the source of power Sam accessed to remotely fly the helicopter came from within him.
“Well done!” he shouted above the roar of the chopper’s engine.
Suddenly, the chopper switched positions and fired toward the window. Butchart and the admiral dove away from the window but not before bullets shattered it. Flying debris struck Butchart’s shoulder and arm. The admiral crawled on the floor under the flying bullets to his desk. He reached into a drawer and grabbed his gun, aiming it square at Sam’s head.
“Stop it or I’ll blow your head off!” he shouted.

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#Goodreads #Giveaway Contest: Signed Print Copy of The Guardian's Wildchild

Goodreads Book Giveaway

The Guardian's Wildchild by Feather Stone

The Guardian's Wildchild

by Feather Stone

Giveaway ends October 25, 2014.
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